Wilson and Russell, Kansas

Wilson & Russell, Kansas

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Wilson & Russell, Kansas

June 28, 2009

We are camped in Wilson RV Park in Wilson, Kansas. It is a FHU place for $18 but nothing better than OK. If you are looking for amenities this isn't the place for you.

The first Log Cabin in Russell County, Kansas



This is the first log cabin in Russell County, Kansas. It is located in Luray, Kansas at a roadside park maintained by the city. There are also two $10 campsites with water and electricity and shade in the park with an "honor" box. These were nice campsites for anyone just passing through.


Post Rock limestone building in Russell, Kansas


Russell, Kansas has many old post rock, limestone buildings such as this one.


Bob Dole's boyhood home in Russell, Kansas



This is Bob Dole's (Kansas Senator) boyhood home in Russell, Kansas. Arlan Spector (Senator) is from Russell also but his boyhood home is not a big deal. It seems like Arlan is not as "Republican" as Bob. Out here they call politicians like Arlan RINO's (Republicans In Name Only). Anyway, this is Bob Dole's boyhood home and whoever now lives in the home proudly flies the flag next to the marker near the street.

All kinds of advertisements point to Russell Kansas as Bob Dole's boyhood home but none gave an address. Usually, we just drive through towns like this and see signs pointing to the places they want you to see and visit.

That was not the case with Bob Dole's boyhood home.

There were no signs. Some residents just stared at us when we asked. I could make a comment but my Mom used to tell me to not say anything if I couldn't anything good. VBG

Wilson, Czech Capital of Kansas


Wilson may be the Czech Capital of Kansas but it looks like other small Kansas farm towns to us.


Limestone water tower & Jail in Wilson, Kansas






This limestone building in Wilson is supposed to be a water tower and jail. The top part is supposed to be a water tower while the lower part a jail. In any event it is old, very old.




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Until next time remember how good life is.

Mike & Joyce Hendrix

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