Typical Kansas

Typical Kansas

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Typical Kansas

June 22 through 29, 2009

Beautiful sunset Council Grove, Kansas from a COE campground





This is a sunset picture from a COE park located on a reservoir north of Council Grove.


Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas

Sterling College Sterling Kansas





This is a building belonging to Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas. The native limestone construction is prevalent in older buildings.





Arkansas River flowing through Kansas

Arkansas River





The Arkansas River flows through Kansas on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

This picture was taken between Hutchison and Lyons, Kansas.





Typical Kansas





We took this picture of a mail box near Quivara NWR Kansas. The ground is so wet that wildflowers instead of grain make up the field behind the mail box. In the distance you can see a wheat field.





Carriage Crossing Mennonite restaurant in Yoder, Kansas

We ate at Carriage Crossing Mennonite restaurant in Yoder, Kansas. It seems we always see fresh breads and pastries in Mennonite communities. This place was no different. The size of those frosted buns shocked me though. Look at them in comparison to the donuts or in relation to the loaf of bread. Those things must have weighed two pounds. They were huge. I drooled ----- but did not get one.

Amish children in Yoder, Kansas





These Amish children were so precious. We stopped and watched them run and play on their scooters. I thought they were Mennonite but was informed by a local that these children were Amish. We were in the small Mennonite town of Yoder a few miles south of Hutchison so I just "thought" they were Mennonite. I do so appreciate the kind folks who take the time to write and tell me when I make these mistakes.




Amish horse and buggy seen in Yoder, Kansas


Equally as cute was the transportation these Amish children used to get to town. That small pony is attached to the red cart with bicycle wheels. How cute is that?

Kansas Alfalfa Field





Wheat is not the only thing grown in Kansas although there is a lot of wheat. This is an alfalfa field and we see a good bit of it. Farmers are also planting milo and soy beans along with some corn.




Typical Kansas farm




I have been wrestling with what is "typical" about Kansas. Many ideas crossed my mind but a clear thread ran through all of them. Rural, small town America and farms seemed to be what Kansas was all about.

Barns, grain fields, in the extreme background is a green milo field, it will not be ripe for another month or so.

And this is Kansas through our eyes.


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Until next time remember how good life is.

Mike & Joyce Hendrix

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Mike & Joyce Hendrix

Mike & Joyce Hendrix




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