Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake, Colorado

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Grand Lake, Colorado

June 20: Golden, Colorado (just west of Denver).

We are in Clear Creek City Park N39° 45.197' W105° 13.193' Golden, Colorado. The campground is located on the south side of 10th street at the end of the road. Clear Creek City Campground is one of the nicest (location wise) campgrounds you can stay in (our opinion). located on Clear Creek 3-blocks from downtown Golden. They have paved interior roads with small backin sites (mature trees are so wonderful); 50-amps, water and sewer, $28.91 per-night 303-278-1437. There is a 2-week max stay before you have to leave the park and they do not take reservations.

Today is going to be an exciting day. We are going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. However, we are going to enter Rocky Mountain National Park from the back side or the western side instead of going through Estes Park, the eastern entrance.

We are going to head west on I-70 through Idaho Springs to mile marker 232 and exit on US-40 which will take us up and over Berthoud Pass.

From Berthoud Pass we will fall down to Grand Lake, Colorado which is a beautiful little community high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

From Grand Lake we will continue on the the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park then up and over Milner Pass which will make the second time we have crossed over the Continental Divide today. The first time was at Berthoud Pass a short time ago.

From Milner Pass we continue on to the Alpine Visitors Center then follow Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park to Estes Park. From Estes Park back to Golden would be an exciting ride if we had not just been over the Continental Divide twice then driven down Trail Ridge Road.

Oh my! What a day. Now join us as we a small section of our exciting day.

We are driving north on US-40 and just negotiated the Continental Divide at Berthoud Pass and Grand Lake, Colorado is our next Adventure.

Welcome to Grand Lake, Colorado

Welcome to Grand Lake, Colorado





Welcome sign to the beautiful mountain town of Grand Lake, Colorado.



Grand Lake, Colorado ranch

Grand Lake, Colorado ranch



There is a beautiful valley near Grand Lake that a few fortunate people get to live in.




Grand Lake, Colorado ranch house

Grand Lake, Colorado ranch house



Wow! What a view this ranch house has.




Grand Lake Reservoir near Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake Reservoir



This is Grand Lake Reservoir near the town of Grand Lake.



Wild wood roses

Wild wood roses



These are woods roses. They grow wild in the Rockies.



Grand Lake cattle ranch





There is some beautiful cattle ranching land near Grand Lake as evidenced by this picture.


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Mike & Joyce Hendrix

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Adventures by State ** More 2006 Travel Adventures


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