Coors Brewery tour Golden, Colorado

Coors Brewery Tour Golden, Colorado

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Coors Brewery Tour Golden, Colorado

June 22, 23 & 24th: Golden, Colorado (just west of Denver).

We are in Clear Creek City Park N39° 45.197' W105° 13.193' Golden, Colorado. The campground is located on the south side of 10th street at the end of the road. Clear Creek City Campground is one of the nicest (location wise) campgrounds you can stay in (our opinion). located on Clear Creek 3-blocks from downtown Golden. They have paved interior roads with small backin sites (mature trees are so wonderful); 50-amps, water and sewer, $28.91 per-night 303-278-1437. There is a 2-week max stay before you have to leave the park and they do not take reservations.

Old copper kettle at Coors Brewery





When in Golden one does the Coors tour, as in the Coors Brewery tour of their beer making and packaging facility.

Here I am outside the Coors Brewery in downtown Golden, Colorado standing beside one of their old brew kettles.

We are waiting for our tour to start. It is a good tour so let's get started.





This is hops, the ingredient that gives beer flavor. Hops grows 15' to 18'' tall as a vine. When they harvest hops they cut down the entire vine. The part used in beer is the part that looks like a pine cone.

Barley used the the beer making process





The other ingredient in beer other than water is barley. Barley is a grain that looks like wheat.

To make beer they do not grind up the grain like is done for bread. Instead the whole grain is moistened and warmed so that it will sprout. When barley sprouts enzymes are developed that breakdown the grains complex starches into sugars. Once the enzymes have worked their miracle the sprouted barley (now referred to as malt) is placed in one of those large copper cookers along with water and hops. After cooking the solids (malt) is removed by filtering with the clear, unfermented liquid being moved to fermenting tanks where it becomes beer.

Wet malt being loaded into large truck at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado

Wet malt being loaded into large truck




I know you want to know what happens to those solids (malt) after it is filtered. An average of 170-tons of wet malt a day is loaded into trucks like this and used as cattle feed in feedlots along the front range of the Rockies.

A tour guide told us that this malt had a protein content of 24% which makes it a valuable feed item. This truck is being loaded with damp malt. Malt such as this can also be dried and used as human food. Have you ever had malted milk? The "malted" part of that milk is dried malt just like this stuff being shipped to cattle lots.

At 24% protein it is a good source of protein that is used in many countries as part of their diet.

When you are in the Denver, Boulder or Golden area put the Coors Brewery Tour on your list of things to do. It is a good one.

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Mike & Joyce Hendrix

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