Greeley, Colorado Feed Lots

Greeley, Colorado Feed Lots

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Greeley, Colorado Feed Lots

June 30th through July 4th 2006: Greeley, Colorado (50-miles north of Denver).

We are in Greeley RV-Park N40° 23.590' W104° 40.311' phone: 970-353-6476. They have gravel interior roads and gravel pull-thru sites with mature shaded trees; 50-amps, water and sewer, $24.00 per-night.
We have chosen Greeley as our place to "lay-low" over the 4th of July when everyone that has an RV in North America decides to use it. We have found that on national holidays if we are not safe and secure in an RV-Park we will find ourselves without a place to stay. We knew Greeley was having a Stampede and thought it would provide some entertainment over the 4th but had no idea how much entertainment.

Feed lot East Greeley, Colorado

Feed lot East of Greeley Colorado



East of town on US-34 we drove by a huge feed lot that is supposed to be finishing 2,500 head of cattle on a steady basis. I can believe it. The place looked like this for about one mile along US-34.


Cattle in Feed lot East of Greeley

Feed lot East of Greeley Colorado




I would like to have toured this facility but they stopped offering tours because of PETA protesters. They have even grown trees to shield the operation from traffic on US-34. Joyce snapped these pictures between breaks in the trees. The operation was BIG as in over a mile of frontage on US-34.

Cattle in Feed lot East of Greeley

Feed lot East of Greeley Colorado



I do not know if trucks deliver and haul these cattle away but we did see train tracks and over a mile of cattle cars so I suspect these cattle are being moved by rail.



Storage For Feed lot
storage for Feed lot Greeley Colorado


This is a feed storage area for the feed lot. As you can see it is almost empty.



Feed storage for this operation

Storage for Feed lot Greeley Colorado



Something tells me that the malt from the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado is being delivered here. I remember seeing that 18-wheeler being loaded with the malt left over from the beer making process and it was headed to a feed lot.

At one time Greeley was the number one agriculture producing county in the world then they dropped to number one in the United States and now reside as number seven.

According to literature in the history museum they are the only non-citrus producing in the top ten agriculture producing counties in the United States.

Years ago sugar beets was the top crop now the sugar refinery has closed and sugar beet production is on the wane. Beef is what keeps them ranked at number 7. The local Swift slaughter house is supposedly processing 8,700 head of cattle per-day in a 24/7 operation. Wow! That is a lot of beef going through a single slaughter house in one day. There is also a sheep processing plant in town.

The individual that was providing the slaughter house information used to work at the plant and knew a good bit about it. They said all cattle entered the plant via 18-wheeler cattle trailers with 40 head in each. My mind quickly determined that would be 218 truck loads of cattle per-day entering the plant and unloading. That would mean that in a 24-hour day they average unloading 9 semi-truck loads of cattle per-hour every hour of the day and night.

We have all heard that they sell everything but the squeal. As amazing as it may sound everything that comes into the plant will be shipped out of the plant as well---except, perhaps that squeal. Of course more can be packed on each outbound truck than was on the trucks delivering the live cattle. Trucks leaving with frozen beef destined for market will be tightly packaged in neat boxes. Trucks leaving with hides will be fully loaded with compressed hides, etc., so it is safe to assume that not nearly as many trucks will be needed to transport the finished goods out of the plant.

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