Luckenbach, Texas Jam Session

Luckenbach, Texas Jam Session

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Luckenbach, Texas Jam Session

Luckenbach, Texas the little place made famous by a country song

April 15, 2007.

We parked our motorhome at Lady Bird Johnson City Park 3-miles south of Fredericksburg on SR-16; $20 FHU including cable with paved sites. We tend to like Lady Bird Johnson City Park when we are in Fredericksburg because the RV-sites are situated under the canopy of mature pecan trees but there are several more that are good as well. The Fredericksburg RV-Park on Highway street is another good park but it cost more and doesn't have mature trees that provide shade.

Luckenbach is only a few buildings 10-miles southeast of Fredericksburg. Located on a small loop of paved road off RR-1376 the small cluster of buildings have withstood the raveges of weather and time without any noticable help in decades. Explaining Luckenbach is difficult since it is something different to each individual that visits. The facilities consist of a dance hall, a place for food (appropriately called the feed lot) and the old post office that is now a store and beer joint combined. Outside restrooms and a few out buildings make up what attracts people to Luckenbach. A few houses, probably less than 5, are scattered around the loop. One of these house is a historic residence. The other residences are not noteworthy.

The outside parking area:

Much of the ambience at Luckenbach is the outside parking area, especially for the motorcycle crowd. Parking nearest the store is more or less reserved --if only by tradition, for motorcycles.

Weekends in the Hill Country of Texas is motorcycle cruising time. Hundreds of motorcycles cruise through the areas roads. Luckenbach is a mandatory stop on any motorcycle outing. It might be that all motor cycle outings require at least two stops at Luckenbach. For the most part motorcycle riders stop by for a cool one then head out again within 30-minutes. Most of the motorcycle crowd socializes in this area where they can inspect each others cycles and attire.

Joyce Hendrix listening to perfromers at Luckenbach

Joyce Hendrix listening to perfromers at Luckenbach









The outside jam session area:



The outside jam area is located behind the Luckenbach store and juke joint.


A crowd listening to performers. Note that this crowd is NOT the biker crowd that is mostly hanging out near their bikes. This is mostly an eclectic bunch of old geezers and much younger college kids.







Luckenbach, Texas crowd at outside Jam Session

Luckenbach, Texas crowd






Geezers and college kids enjoying music in the outside music venue in back of the Luckenbach store.












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Outside music venue at Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach, Texas




This picture was taken from the outside performance area looking across the street to the Luckenbach Dance Hall and feed lot














Luckenbach, Texas Jam Session performers

Luckenbach, Texas Jam Session performers



Two of the performers entertaining on this day are featured in the picture on the right.


Performers just show up. That is part of the ambience. No one knows who might show up. Performers take turns. There may be 6 to 10 musicians, each with their own instruments. Most sing but some just play. The performers take turns deciding which song to play and usually the one choosing is the singer while the remainder join in and accompany. Some performers just sing like the girl you see in the picture above. On Saturday night it was cold and everyone was huddled on the inside around a large pot bellied stove listening to a large group of performers. One of the performers was a latino with a "squeeze-box" Texas slang for a small accordian. A 20-something female had a fiddle while another a mandolin. Acoustic guitars are common. The crowd got a good performance from this wide variety of perfomers and instruments. Later we saw several of these musicians as they entertained in paying gigs in restaurants and bars in Fredericksburg. After seeing these performers in the different vinues around town we realized that we had been treated to something special in Luckenbach late Saturday night. The Latino fellow with the small "squeeze-box" brought the house down when he performed. We will especially remember him.








Outdoor seating at Luckenbach

Outdoor seating at Luckenbach







People sitting at these picnic tables are enjoying music provided by these performers.












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