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Places Visited: Wyoming: Casper, Kaycee, Outlaw Caves, the "Wall" from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kit and the "hole in the wall gang", Buffalo

July 15, 2006: Casper East RV-Park Casper, Wyoming. Casper East RV-Park is a mom and pop operation without a mom & pop! N42° 51.357' W106° 17.338' $28 for full hookup $4 cheaper for water & 30-amps central sewage. They feature gravel interior roads & pads: This is NOT a destination campground by any means however, it certainly looks much better than the Fort Casper RV-Park which is nothing but a crowded dusty dirt parking lot.




We headed north on I-25 today to the small town of Kaycee. While small, and it is small, it is a wonderful place to visit. Kaycee has a wonderful museum displaying their history.

Kaycee was and still is a hotbed of sheep ranching. One of the items on display at the museum was this elaborate sheep herder wagon.







To the left is the inside of that sheep herder wagon. To the right is a "chuck" wagon, or so the sign said.





We ambled around in that museum for a good while. That is where we found out that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and their "Hole in the Wall" gang used to camp in a cave in "The Wall" near here. The Museum had a map and scenic tour with the route to the "Hole in the Wall" and the cave the outlaws used. That was all we needed. Off we went to find where the "Hole in the Wall" hang used to hideout between bank robberies.





Hay being stored for winter while the farmers to the right are mowing alfalfa. Note the irrigation system.






The hay baler on the right has just dropped a bale.






Baling hay on the left while mowed hay on the right is drying in the sun.






Nice buck in the alfalfa while this family of Canada geese swim in the river.






That is the wall behind the ranch.







The river follows the wall or shall we say the wall follows the river.








This is one beautiful ranch with a beautiful view.













We guessed these were wild horses since there were no fences within miles and no homes/ranches within 5 or 6 miles.

Someone probably owns them but aren't riding them very often.






The wall of red sandstone you see behind the horses is the "wall" as in Butch Cassidy & the "Hole in the Wall Gang". The hole in the wall is a place in the wall that the gang could ride a horse through and get out on top of that plateau. The wall runs for 10 to 20 miles and that "hole" is the only way out and it wasn't an easy way and certainly wasn't obvious.





The wall goes on and on.





Like I said the wall goes on and on and on.
















The red sandstone in this wall is Triassic (208 to 245 million years old)






The road we were on was not the best. It was dirt/gravel but in decent shape until we got near the end. Then it got so bad I had to back our Saturn to a place we could turn around. We never did make it to the outlaw cave or the hole in the wall.






The white stuff in this red Triassic Sandstone is a layer of volcanic ash.

On the right is a big chunk of conglomerate. I have no idea how it got in the middle of all this red sandstone.






The hill on the left was made of river rock and red sandstone. Somewhere along the line this particular spot was a river bed.

The sandstone in this wall is hard as brick.





I can see a streak of volcanic ash in this wall of red sandstone.






I have no idea what this dome is ----------------- but it is unique.





This was an awesome drive. We drove through the valley along the WALL made famous by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid while having the time of our lives.

Until next time remember how good life is.

Mike & Joyce Hendrix






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