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I started writing travel logs, travellogs, travel blogs, travel journals or travelogues about the places we visited when I retired in 2001.Back in those days we had a dream to see this great country of ours. We wanted to see and experience the different places and lifestyles of the people that make up the United States. Along the way we decided to throw in Mexico travel logs and Canada travel logs.

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That was years ago, and while we have diligently worked at seeing and experiencing much of the country, there is much we have yet to experience. While we were having the time of our lives in our motorhome we were also becoming familiar with the RVing lifestyle. In the natural course of events I started writing RV technical information about issues such as black tanks, dumping procedures, RV toilet paper, fresh water, RV filters & filtering fresh water, cleaning the black tank, tank gauges that don't work, RV electrial systems (RV 12 volt system & the RV 120 volt system) in addition to the RV chassis electrical system, RV safety issues and concerns, RV check lists, connecting to campground utilities. That information is accessed here: Tech talk for RV'ers including Campground and RV Maintenance tips

Then there were the topics that new RVers have questions about such as; RVing etiquette, RV trip planning, paying bills & other financial dealings while on extended trips, planning for retirement, determining how much it is going to cost to travel extensively in an RV, campground costs, locating campgrounds, and dealing with inclimate weather while out in an RV. Discussions of these topics are covered here: RV'ing subjects beginning RV'ers are interested in like trip planning, locating campgrounds and campground cost


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Bob & Peggy Woodall

Bob Woodall, an RVing friend also writes travel logs and I post them on this site. Bob's travel logs are located here: Bob Woodall's Travelogues

Bob had a bad heart attack and almost died, well he did die several times, but was brought back each time with de-fibulators. After he survived and regained his strength he and his wife wrote a powerful story about the event. It will pull at your heart strings, I know it did mine. Somewhere, deep into that story I kept thinking about the movie "Ole Yeller" that was so powerful when I was a young lad. That story is covered here: Inspirational Story; The Camper That Lived



I am involved in several online RV discussion groups. Some questions keep coming up especially about RVs and the Florida Panhandle, Florida State Parks, campgrounds on the Gulf, campgrounds in the Florida Panhandle, and other questions about the Forgotten Coast, Miracle Strip, Emerald Coast, Panama City Beach, Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Island, Seagrove Beach, Water Colors, Grayton Beach, Sunnyside, Blue Mountain Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Laguna Beach, Seaside, Port St. Joe, Navarre, Appalachicola, Carrabelle, Eastpoint, St. George Island and Mexico Beach. I was responding to the people who were asking those questions so it was just natural that I put together that information and make it available on my web site. That information is accessed here: Florida Panhandle Travel logs, Travel Blogs, Travel Journals and other information


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In 2004 we got a digital camera and started taking pictures to enhance our travel logs. Most of the pictures can be seen in the individual travel logs. However, some signs interested us and we started a collection of what we call "Interesting Signs" these can be viewed here: Interesting Signs



Sometimes we decide to take pictures and write about things and subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with RVing.




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We can find adventure and excitement in ships, boats and other marine stuff.







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Sometimes our adventures take us fishing.








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We get a real kick out of identifying plants, trees and flowers.








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During our travel adventures we saw a lot of geologic wonders. We have tried to put some of those pictures together so that you can look for them when you travel.








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Here is the index for these "Miscellaneous Subjects & Adventures".








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Sometimes we see unusual sights and take pictures. These "interesting pictures" are for amusement, I hope that they make you laugh: Interesting Pictures




There just isn't enough room in some travel logs to include all the pictures that just need to be included. Those special times result in: Travel Pictures






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I suppose you would like to know a little about us if you have made it this far. This is: Who We Are Mike & Joyce Hendrix.




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