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Places Visited: Texas: Traveling across central Texas from Canyon (near Amarillo) to Fredericksburg in the Hill Country.

August 18, Lady Bird Johnson City Park Fredericksburg, TX: N30° 14.523' W98° 54.756' $20.00 Full hookups with Paved interior roads and pads

We headed out of Canyon with Fredericksburg as our destination. Fredericksburg is 440 miles to the southeast across central Texas.







The first few hours were a carbon copy of the panhandle as far as topography is concerned.






Grain elevators, sorghum, cotton and more grain storage facilities were the order of the day.








Then we passed through an area that was heavily involved in irrigated cotton. I think the number of acres being dedicated to cotton production stunned us. There must be thousands of acres of cotton in central Texas.










Cotton, cotton and more cotton.








Several times during our excursion across Texas we came across wind generation fields perched on prominent mesas.





Someone or somebody in Texas is moving ahead with wind generation as a way to power the future. We are totally amazed at the number of these wind generators are in operation.





Somewhere along the way we crossed over this narrow bridge. Thankfully, no traffic was coming.



Until next time remember how good life is.

Mike & Joyce Hendrix






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