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This is the Old Country Store Restaurant in Lorman, Mississippi. That is Arthur Davis better known as Mr. D with Joyce. Mr. D is the personable owner and cook. And I might add that he is a good cook. Personality plus describes Mr. D. This is a place we will stop in again.














This is a pic of "The World's Smallest Police Station". It is located on the main street of Carrabelle, FL. They are proud of this little phone booth. If you are looking for Carrabelle, FL it is a coastal community south of Tallahassee, FL on US-98.


















There is not much to say about this place except that it looked interesting. It wasn't open. I don't think the building had seen paint in this this century. It was located just outside the entrance to Natchez Trace State Park near Natchez, Mississippi.























Interior wall of the "The Daily Grind" Restaurant in historic downtown Vicksburg. I just thought the pictures were unique. It also reminds me of the restaurant that had "fresh Gulf-Crawfish" on the menu, and the waitress that assured us they were "fresh from the Gulf daily".






This is a storefront on the riverfront in Vicksburg. There is nothing special about it, I just thought it was unique.




















This is one of my favorites. Look closely at this pic. The mobile home is suspended in mid-air on dexion (dexion the stuff you see shelving made out of). They didn't even remove the axles, tires and wheels. You can see a wheel, tire and axle located above the boat. Please forgive the quality of the pic. As you can see I grabbed the camera and snapped the pic out the side window of our motorhome.





This rocker was on display in a museum in Bardstown, Kentucky. The information said something about it being a nanney's chair or something. Yea, right! It was specially made for a "Wide Load". For some reason the picture does not do the chair justice. It really could hold a wide-load.












When we saw this store in historic downtown Augusta, Missouri we couldn't help but stop and take this picture. The population of this small town in the wine growing region along the Missouri River about 40-miles west of St. Louis couldn't be more than 500. When you visit the small heartland communities like this you are truly seeing America.











This plaque was on the front of a historic house in St Charles, Missouri. From the looks of it Mother in Laws have been around for a LONG time.
















In the Deep South certain pick up trucks sport rebel flags. In Nebraska they decorate their pickup trucks like this.









This reminds me about the old addage "don't let the camel get his nose in the tent". Well, I can say from experience that you don't want to let a donkey get its nose in the window.















Aladdin, is a "small" town in western Wyoming near Devils Tower. The ubiquitous green sign the state puts up to mark the entrance to small towns is located on private property at the General Store. Note that it is attached to the gasoline pump and BOTH the east and west bound signs are on the same pole. You gotta love it.













Just when you though you would never see another "operating" Drive In movie here is one operating in Idaho. Note the Grand Teton Mountains in the background.

The truck with the huge potato is parked in front of the drive in as an advertisment. We liked both.








I just liked that shirt. The fellow had moxie didn't he?








I think this sign (located along the Bear Tooth Highway) is trying to tell us something. I think that I understand. Do you?
















I took this pic while riding a bench on St Armands Circle near Lido Key across from Sarasota, Florida in January of 2005. The kids with those ice cream cones were a hoot. Their mom did not have an e-mail address or I would have sent her a copy.











We spotted this "Texas-Patio" while on a wildflower drive around Ceuro, TX.













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