We saw these cute doors to the Mens and Ladies rooms Snook Haven a rustic fishcamp,bar, restaurant, jukejoint, hangout on the Myakka River south of Venice, Florida.











Joyce spotted this old VW that had been modified to say the least. The back half had been cut off and modified. You can see the wicker and bamboo/palm trunk handiwork on the sides. Cortez, in addition to being a historic old fishing village that is struggling to maintain that identity is also home to some rather interesting individuals.






What is it about old fishing towns? We spotted this unique automobile in Cedar Key an old fishing village much like Cortez. Whoever decorated this automobile has spent a lot of time doing so.








We spotted this sign on a pickup truck in Texas. What gives? We might have expected this in one of the blue states.






This sign was on the outskirts of Idaho Falls, Idaho. What gives? There must have been some event that led to this sign.






We see signs like this when traveling out west. I have no idea what the significance is. To us it did not seem appropriate in the place where it was.