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If you do not promote yourself who do you think will? This sign was on a Cajun Dance Hall / Night Club in the small town of Parks, Lousiana. World Famous no less.








We spotted this "Texas-Patio" while on a wildflower drive around Ceuro, TX.











Are those tires roof decoration or are they trying to keep them out of reach of neighbors who might filch these used beauties.









It is hard to see but read the sign on this cooler "Beer & Wine on the honor system 'cept Bankers & Attorneys which are CASH ONLY!" ---- Bud the Pie Man

This cooler sits outside Royers Cafe in Roundtop, TX where the jet set from Houston travel to dine. It is crowded inside so patrons have to mill around outside while waiting to be seated. This cooler is to keep them occupied and happy during the wait.







This is another pic of that same cooler but from the side. Note the sign on the side: " For those in a hurry go to Houston!

You just gotta love it --------- 95% of this places patrons are from Houston.











Joyce snapped this pic in front of the Court House in Bandera, Texas. The cowboy had come to town to take care of business in the Court House. Later we saw him about 5-miles out of town heading west ---- home probably.










Everyone has heard the song by Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings about going back to Luckenbach, Texas. Well, here is the sign welcoming visitors to Luckenbach.











Sign outside the unisex restroom at the Apple Barn in Medina, Texas.













Texas Ranchers like to decorate the gates to their ranches. We like to study them. However, this one was above our comprehension level. That is a large bale of hay, with 1/2 of a manaquin sticking up and a beagle with his head down the same hole. I guess it is a Texas thing.









Cactus pads are for sale at many farmers markets in the south west. We have eaten them both fried like french fries and fixed like green beans and they are very good both ways. We just don't see them in the southeast.








Some people live life to the fullest. We spotted this motorhome in a "camping" spot at the Beach/Marina in Oceanside, California where you pay something like $30 per 24-hour day to park with absolutely no hookups. However, the place has LOCATION. What you can't see are the surfboards loaded on special racks on the other side of the motorhome. This pic was also taken around 6:30 PM Sunday afternoon after all the other weekend partiers had departed. You might say these folks are draining every last bit out of the weekend. You gotta love it.